Not once I remember doing an essay for my senior year and now I find myself in the situation of having to write a 7 page essay about the film, Harold and Maude for 20 clams.

All for that Molly water that I need for fpsf.

d e s p e r a t e h o e b r o k e h o e


Stupid titles means that i’m about to vent what has been happening with my life. Ha life. 

Well first of, I’m not going to tell you i’m-doing-great-blah-blah bullshit. This toxic and poisonous thing inside my head has gotten bigger. But I try not to think about it, so for that I bury it with parties where you do nothing but get drunk or get high. But now I’m getting sick of these parties. Getting sick of here. Getting really sick of him. My priorities in life has gone down because I honestly think I distracted myself with too many things in order to not think about it. Yes, yes to sounding like I pulled the whole ah-im-a-teenager-going-through-all-these-phases shit. Shit. 

I guess I guess it’s not all bad or shit. Throughout my outrage of these distractions I have made, I’ve realized that it’s really not that bad to try different things. It’s been a wild fucking ride my senior year.

I’m happy about how we reunited as friends again and got closer this year.

I think this is a horrible vent and I can’t seem to talk about my life too much because all I could really say are the words, what the fuck.

College is coming soon and I hope I can make it to trippy city of texas.